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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Drill Press

When The Denver Spoke went out of business, they sold off their shop tools and supplies.  I bought a big load of tools, including a nice drill press.  Since I have had it, I have had it sitting on a stool, in the shop building.  It was usable, but its perch was somewhat pecarious.

Recently, at work, we got a new triaxial chamber for our resilient modulus machine.  It was shipped to us in a nicely-built plywood and lumber shipping crate. After I unpacked the chamber, I started looking at the crate, and my imagination took hold.  I asked my boss, Paul, what we were going to do with the crate.  He told me that it was destined for the dumpster, and that I could have it if I wanted it.

Yesterday, Paul hauled the crate to my house for me, so that I wouldn't have to drive the Dodge to the lab and back.  This morning, I got the power tools out and went to work.  I sawed the panel out of one side of the crate, bolted a couple of the 2"x4" shipping braces to the sides and then cut a plywood shelf to sit on top of them.

Then, I screwed the top back on, and bolted the drill press to it.


I have my drills stored on the bottom shelf, with bits on the upper shelf.  On top of the stand, I bolted my bench vise down next to the drill press.  Behind the press, I have the batteries of my rechargeable drill charging up.

The shop building is slowly coming together.



At 12:22 AM , Blogger Mark said...


At 5:30 AM , Blogger Big Oak said...

Way to re-use what you have. I'm glad you installed the box in the correct orientation (arrows pointing up).

Do you have a spoke threader? I saw one for sale somewhere a while back, but they were asking close to a thousand bucks. That would be a useful tool, for someone who might build a bunch of wheels.

At 3:47 PM , Blogger thomas said...

Love it. I'm sorely in need of a garage. Apartment living is terrible for the handy.


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