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Monday, September 19, 2011

Busy Weekend - Good Yard Sale

I had a good turnout at the yard sale, and sold about 90% of my stuff.  But, that leaves me with a few boxes of parts to dispose of.  I suppose I will take them to the Bike Co-Op and donate them.

I was so tired, last night, that I went out to dinner rather than cook.  I lived on bagels and cream cheese, Saturday, and had the same for breakfast, Sunday.  Then, I realized I had not eaten or had anything to drink, all day.  So, I hit Poppies, down the street, and had a nice celebration dinner.

I got home, took a shower and fell into bed.  Out like a light...

Got up this morning to a message from Carol, on my phone, "Story, tonight?" it read.  The time-stamp was 8:30, last night (while I was in the shower).

"Dammit,"  I thought.  So, I wrote two stories, this morning.  I am still averaging one per day, at least...



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