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Sunday, September 25, 2011

I Am Growing Weary of Straightening Up the Shop Building

I spent another 8 or 9 hours of working on getting the shop building rearranged and organized, today.  Counting all of the time I put in sorting parts and whatnot, as I got ready for the yard sale, I have put well over 40 hours of labor into it!

 The motorbikes fit in there a lot better now that I have opened up the floor space a bit.  Most of the stuff along the back wall will go into another building, or it will be given away.  That will open up even more of the floor.

 The top of my work bench is still a mess, but the areas to either side are good to go.

 The shelves are organized neatly, and I am actually able to put stuff where it goes, now.

I put a few pictures on the wall, as I worked.  I had come across a lot of photocopies of snapshots, and such, when I was cleaning the house and sorting stuff for the yard sale.  I figured I might as well hang them up, rather than leave them in a folder, somewhere.

Hopefully, I can get this chore completed by the end of this week!



At 9:35 AM , Blogger Big Oak said...

Good luck. I dreaded cleaning my work area. Unfortunately, I had to do it so I could move. Amazingly, once I started giving stuff away, I felt liberated.

I've just got to be very careful about not accumulated a bunch of stuff again.

Remember what George Carlin said about our homes - "they are just a place to keep our stuff". I think shop buildings are included.

At 9:36 AM , Blogger Big Oak said...



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