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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Back In the Saddle

I rode the XOXO to work, this morning.  I had the Nelson Longflap bag loaded with clothes, lunch and rain gear (due to the weather forecast) and never really noticed it was there, as I rode.  I like the relatively compact load, as opposed to carrying panniers on each side.  I think it's going to be a good system for me.

I had a bit of a headwind, but I got to work in good time (32 minutes, door to door).  I might have been riding a little harder than normal, since I was pretty excited to be back on the bike.  It remains to be seen how my Achilles tendon will react.   So far, so good.

I had a tailwind on the way home, and cloudy skies with temps in the 70s but no rain.

So, I am back in the saddle and writing blog posts that, I suppose, only another bicycle-commuter could find interesting, at all!



At 5:46 PM , Blogger Pondero said...

Very good to hear. I hope that Achilles thing is behind you. Always good to see the XOXO.

At 5:46 PM , Blogger Oldfool said...

I'm not a commuter but I find it interesting, not exciting as I live in another realty but interesting.
I like the long-flap.

At 7:06 PM , Blogger Tex69 said...

What this bike commuter likes is stories about the XOXO and other groovy mounts.

At 8:48 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling well enough to ride again - don't get cocky!
By the way, I'm in Seattle this week.

At 12:59 PM , Blogger Apertome said...

I bet it feels great to be back to bike commuting. It's so pleasant, most of the time, anyway. The longflap looks great on the XOXO, to boot.


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