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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

Since I have had the Handsome XOXO built up, I have debated with myself about whether or not to put fenders on it.  I think all "everyday" bikes (commuters, grocery getters, whatever...) should have fenders, but I really like the look of the bike without them.

Plus, it has been warm and dry and I have not been bicycle-commuting on a daily basis since I built the bike up.  Therefore, fenders, or lack thereof, were somewhat meaningless.

Today, I got up to a skim of snow on the back yard, and a steady, fairly heavy rain was falling.  I wanted to ride down to the coffee shop but, the XOXO has no fenders, and I don't like spraying road grime all over myself!  So, I pulled the RockCombo off of the hooks, out in the shop building, aired the tires up, and rode it to Kaladi Brothers.

That pretty much made the decision for me.  I keep the commuter in the house to avoid having to pull a bike down for casual rides and errand-running.  So, the XOXO is getting fenders, either today or tomorrow, depending on how my other projects pan out today.



At 1:29 PM , Blogger Steve A said...

I can understand the affectation for fenders from someone riding in a frigid place such as Colorado. ON THE OTHER HAND, in a place such as Texas, fenders seem to be a personal preference. I run with fenders because I think the color goes well with my main commute bike. They really aren't a "function" item here.

Still, I've run out of other stuff to get fascinated with...


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