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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Damaged Guitar From eBay- EDIT

I bought this guitar off of eBay, last week.  It arrived, today, packed in the case but with no box.  Unfortunately, the neck has been broken loose, and now I am going to have to get it repaired.

I am extremely bummed by this.  I contacted the seller and requested a partial refund.  I hope that she sends me some  my money back, to cover repairs, because the guitar is awesome. EDIT:  The repairs will cost more than I paid for the guitar.

Breaks my heart, because otherwise the guitar is in really good condition.



At 2:04 PM , Blogger RANTWICK said...

Ooch. That is a heartbreaker... it is a nice looking guitar. I got my current acoustic on ebay with good success... a little neck adjustment required that scared me at first when I tired to play it...

Do you wonder if it was broken in the first place?

At 2:09 PM , Blogger Jon said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 2:12 PM , Blogger Jon said...

The pictures in the listing show it undamaged.

I did come to an arrangement with the seller, and the guitar is headed into the repair shop, this evening. It's very cool, with a chunky neck (which I like). I will be glad to actually play it.

In all my dealings with eBay, both as a seller and a buyer, over the past ten years it seems like all of my problems have revolved around guitars...

I bought it to use on my Kickstarter project cd. I plan on mostly playing slide on it, but I want to be able to retune and play in standard, as well.

At 7:44 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you got in the f-hole Jonny G!


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