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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dave's New Fixed Gear, More Herd-Thinning and Downsizing

Dave came over, today, and we spent the greater part of the day building a new fixed-gear for him.  At six feet, seven inches tall, Dave has a bit of a challenge finding a good fit in a bike frame.  We had built up a big De Bernardi frame for him, a couple of years ago, but the top tube was still a bit short.

I had come across an even larger Peugeot Iseran frame, with a 60 cm top tube (as opposed to the 58 cm top tube on the De Bernardi), and we had casually talked about seeing if it fit Dave better than the other bike.  Last week, we decided that today would be a good day to do so.

So, Dave and I stuck some wheels, cranks, saddle and bars on the bike to check how the contacts points felt.  Once he sat on it, Dave decided that he wanted to build it up.  We then swapped the parts from the De Bernardi to the Peugeot.

Other than having to go to Cycle Analyst and get an English-threaded Campy bottom bracket, and installing 35c tires which wouldn't clear the brakes (and then reinstalling the original tires on Dave's wheels) the build went pretty smoothly.

I think it turned out pretty nicely.

For such a big bike, the proportions are pretty good.  The longish rear triangle seems to minimize the height a bit, or something.  Anyway, Dave likes it and is happier riding it than the De Bernardi.

While we were building the Peugeot, another Dave (from Kaladi Brothers) came over with his friend Travis.  Travis was in the market for an affordable single speed commuter, so I sold him the Raleigh XXIX, in cross-bike mode.

 I swapped out the pedals and seat, before selling the bike.

I hated to let it go, but I always hate to let bikes go.  It is a challenge to me to move these bikes, which I am not riding, along to someone who will ride them.  I sold it pretty cheaply, but I am happy with the transaction.  I got some money in my pocket and, more importantly, some more room in my life.  And, Travis has a cool commuter.

I also sent two guitar amps to new homes, today.  The downsizing is moving right along...



At 7:50 AM , Blogger Steve A said...

Hey, remember that the more good stuff you unload now is the more good stuff that doesn't get lost along with the junk should an "unfortunate" event occur as it will to all of us either sooner or later.

You are improving the standard for future collectibles.

At 7:07 PM , Anonymous MT cyclist said...

I like the look of that tall bike. A couple years ago I picked up a 68cm SR frame on Craigslist for $20 and built it up for my nephew, who is 6-10. I put an extra long stem riser and moustache bars on it so he could stretch out. I believe it originally came with 27-inch wheels, but it worked well converted to 700c. I purchased some Tektro long-reach brakes and silver shifters from Rivendell. Bought them from Grant Petersen himself when we stopped through Walnut Creek during a trip to the Bay Area. My nephew works at Regis and rides to work quite a bit.

At 3:40 PM , Blogger Wilson said...

Looks good. It must be nice to have the parts on hand when you get into a project like that. I always play the waiting game.
Anyhow, you sure have a talent as a wrench! Good job!


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