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Friday, March 30, 2012

How About a Bicycle-Related Post, For a Change?

 I was waiting around the house to see if a package I am waiting on would show up (it didn't), so I passed my time doing some bicycle chores.

First, I trimmed an inch or so off of each side of my Albatross bars on the titanium FUNK, and installed these cork-like Ergon grips.  They are a bit pricey, but I hope that they will keep my hands from going numb within the first 10 minutes of riding.  I have always had a problem with that, but it has gotten worse over the past few years.

 It was time for a new chain and, while I had it off, I replaced the finicky medium-cage XTR rear derailleur with this long-cage XT.  I also replaced the rear derailleur cable, while I was at it. On the test-ride, it shifted much more smoothly than the XTR, and the long cage allows for cross-chaining in both directions with no problem.

Ready to roll.  I hope to put some serious wear on the new parts, this year...

I cleaned up the RockCombo and got it ready to sell.  (Look here to see the pictures, price, etc, if you are interested.) With both the Bridgestone XO-2 and the Handsome XOXO in the fleet, I really can't justify keeping this one.  Even though it is probably my second-rarest bike, behind the Iver Johnson truss bike, I think it is time to pass it along.

In the middle of that, I got all ADD and installed the rack from the RC onto the Mukluk (that took some head-scratching and adaptation of parts), and started working on fenders.  I made some progress, but I am not satisfied with it, so no pictures until later.

I am also going to put my big Basil canvas panniers up for sale on Craigslist:

These babies go for $225.00, now, so I plan on asking $150.00 and see if I get any bites.  I am missing one of the lower attachment straps, but other than that they are unworn (just a little dirty).

I finished the day up by installing new Foss tubes in the tires of the Handsome XOXO.  If they work the way they are supposed to, I figure they will be worth the price on a commuter bike.

I cleaned the drivetrain, and noticed how chipped up the chainstay was getting.  So, I wrapped the stay with some white handlebar tape (to tie in with the white panel on the downtube).  Then, I reinstalled the bag and bag support.  (I forgot to take pictures, so I just now snapped one out in the dark of the front yard.)

I need to get back to commuting by bike.  I took a treadmill stress-test, the other day, during some health-related weirdness.  The doctor told me that I was in good shape, and had beat the time of everyone else who had done the test for the past week.  But, I have spent 8 weeks of the past 12 being under the weather, and I can only think that might be related to the fact that I haven't been riding the bike on a regular basis.

The bikes are ready to go.  Now, I need to get going, myself...



At 5:42 AM , Blogger Steve A said...

Have you had the new tubes on long enough to say whether they lose air faster than normal - as the Riv site reviewer experienced?

At 7:04 AM , Blogger Jon said...

I aired them up to 80 psi (on my pump's gauge) 14 hours ago, inside 26 x 1.35 Schwalbe CX Pro tires. As near as I can tell, by hooking up the same gauge, they lost 3 psi each, at most. (Some or all of that might be accounted for by air lost when I was attaching the pump head.)

I think I might post that on the Riv site...

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