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Monday, April 26, 2010

New Blog

I decided to just start up another blog and transfer the photos from the Grinderbikes site to it. I managed to get the "Standard Builds" page transferred over, tonight. It takes a bit of time to copy each picture to my PC, then upload it to the blog.

I don't have the pictures available on my computer (the old PC is dead), and it would take a while to find all of these on my cd backups. So, I am trying to get them all copied over from the site, before it disappears (whenever that may be).

I like having them on a blog, because I can go back, later, and annotate the pictures with descriptions of the build, or memorable details of the sale. So, the posts may get edited, periodically. I'll note that on the title line, when I do it.

Anyway, the blog is now in my blog list, to the right, if you want to check it out.



At 11:49 AM , Blogger Apertome said...

Glad you're archiving it! I could make a backup copy of the site as-is pretty easily, if you want to retain it in its original form ... the blog format does make editing easy though. Let me know if I can help somehow, I am a web developer for a living.

Some very cool builds on there ... I will have to check it out in more detail later!

At 12:07 PM , Blogger Jon said...

Wow, thanks for that offer! I think I'm going to let the website evaporate into the ether, though.

I am actually out of the business, although I do build an occasional bike for someone locally. And, I've had to tell a few people I couldn't help them, after they saw the site and contacted me. I hate doing that.

Plus, I want to annotate some of the photos, and I find blog editing to be a lot less labor-intensive...

So, once I get the rest of the bikes uploaded to Blogger, I can put some info with them and make the photos a little more than just random pictures of bikes.


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