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Monday, April 26, 2010

The End is Nigh

I got a notice in my email, today, that the renewal is due on the Grinderbikes website hosting. I'm thinking that I'll just let it expire. At that point, the site will disappear from the internet. I guess that will make it pretty official that the business is defunct.

I had a good time building the bikes, especially at first, but the advent of cheap bike-store singlespeeds and fixed gears took away 90% of my customers.

So, now, I ride bikes instead of selling them in my spare time.

I think I'll try to figure out some way to archive the photographs, because I did build some pretty cool conversions for a lot of people. Maybe I'll upgrade my Flickr account.



At 2:26 PM , Blogger Matt said...

i got this really cool lugged Peugeot frame i was going to have you convert for me. Looks like I didn't get my sh*t together in time. Still, I applaud you for focusing on riding. I loved the Grinder site and loved perusing it, but it's all for the better that it goes away. I dig this blog - I hope it will be up for a long time.


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