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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

29er Reconstituted

I can only imagine that Peter hates to see me coming, since I'm always robbing him to pay Paul.  Case in point:  my aluminum "Not-a-Motobecane" 29er, from which I removed the cranks, shifters, seatpost and seat to build up the new titanium bike.  It's been hanging in the rafters, since, while I tried to decide what to do with it.  Sell it?  Keep it for the future?

The other day, I realized that it would actually be pretty simple to just rebuild it with some new parts (I have two sets of 29er wheels, so the expensive part was taken care of.

The saddle came from the closeout bin over at Performance.  It's not my normal Brooks, but it's pretty comfy and should work just fine, off-road. I actually took the Bontrager seatpost out of the new bike and replaced it with a new, shorter, post.  This one is long enough to get my leg extension on the small frame, and the new one is not.

The shifters are old 7-speed Suntour Accushift Plus units, set to friction so that they will work with the Shimano cogset spacing.  I am out of decent Shimano thumb shifters.

I actually planned on buying a square-taper cartridge bottom bracket to use an old crank I had, when I found this outboard-bearing Hollowtech II crank/bb set for about $10.00 more than the older bbs are going for.  I looked up the model number, to see if the crank was worthwhile, and found them specced on $1000.00 mtbs.  It's probably not as nice as my XT version, on the other bike, but it's certainly good enough for my spare 29er.

It's still extra, but at least it's a whole, rideable bike now.  I'd rather have an extra bike rolling around than trip over a derelict frame out in the shop, all the time.

Hmmm...I have a Ti fork lying about that might be nice on this frame.



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