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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Brad asked me an interesting question, the other day, to which I didn't know the answer. He asked if either the On-One Mungo bar or the Origin8 Gary bar was an exact match for a Nitto Mustache bar.

I told him that I doubted it, as the Nitto bar was designed by Grant Peterson for the Bridgestone XO series, so I figured it was proprietary. But, I wasn't sure. I happened to have an example of each bar, out in the shop, however. So, it was easy enough to find out the answer, for sure.

Here are all three bars. From the top: Nitto, On-One, Origin8.

This is the On-One, atop the Nitto. The width is pretty much the same, as is the sweep back. The angle from the stem to the first curve differs.

The Origin8 atop the Nitto. The reach is shorter, and the ends come farther back.

The Origin8 atop the On-One. Click for big to get a better look at the differences.
So, no exact match, although the On-One gives you the closest approximation to the main riding positions of the Nitto.


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