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Monday, January 19, 2009

In and Out

This is one of the pictures I used on the Boulder Craigslist ad I put up in order to sell the Miami Vice bike. "What?" you say, "He's selling the MVB?"

Yeah, I didn't think it would happen, either. But, then I built this up:

It's a 1984 StumpJumper Sport fixed gear MTB. I pretty much put it together from the parts bins. I did have to buy a decent seatpost, and the saddle is the old Wrights saddle from the Miami Vice bike. Other than that, though, everything was just lying about the shop.

The wheels are spin-on freewheel type mountain bike wheels I picked up off of eBay a while back then re-spaced and re-dished for single speed use. The tires and tubes came with the wheels. The crank was on the frame when I got it. The stem came off of Danny M's Stumpjumper (we had to go to a face-off style stem to install a Midge bar on his bike), and the carbon (!) bars were some I picked up at Performance for the Trek STP, and never installed. Since I sold the STP frame, last week, I suspect that they will never get installed on it. I utilized them on this build because they were the only riser bars I had in the shop.

The brakes and brake levers are first-generation XT V-brakes which came off of a bent Gary Fisher frame. The frame predates these brakes by quite a bit, and they would not be appropriate if I am able to repair it. Plus, V-brakes negate the need for a headset mounted cable stop on the Stumpy.
I have been wanting to do some fixed gear mountain biking, and I considered just removing the rack and fenders from the MVB and using it off-road. But, two things made me want to not do that:
1. The riding position is a bit more aggressive than I want for technical trail riding, and
2. I didn't want to gack up the paint bashing and thrashing on the trails.

Therefore, I figured I would set up the Stumpy, which has been badly rattle-canned black, and use it for the rough riding. But, I just don't have room (literally or figuratively) for two fixed gear 26" mountain bikes in my stable. That led to the decision to sell the Miami Vice bike. Hopefully, some commuter-type Craigslister will want it and snap it up.

I had planned to put the bike on ebay, but Mark told me I should try the Boulder CL, first. He has a good bit of success moving bikes there, and he thought that this one was well-suited to the Boulder market.

I hope he is right. I priced Miami Vice at what it's worth, so it may not move. I'll give it a week, then hit ebay with it, if it's still here.



At 3:53 PM , Blogger frankenbiker said...

I've always liked the Miami Vice bike,but I don't have room for two fixed twenty-six inch bikes either.

Stumpy looks pretty good if a little rough so who cares if it gets scratched up a little, careful with the quick release rear wheel running off-road fixed.I have had them slip out of the dropouts and or snap axles B/C of extra torque off-road.Just letting you know.

At 8:45 PM , Blogger Jon said...

Yeah. I find that if you use a QR with an internal cam, as opposed to a "new" QR with a an external cam that it will be sufficiently secure.

Plus, I have tiny little weak legs and I probably won't be able to torque it too much, anyway. ;-)

At 8:12 AM , Blogger frankenbiker said...

I just found out from a friend of mine that new DT Swiss quick releases also work quite well for fixed off-road.

Tiny weak legs?C'mon, for how much you ride.


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