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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Commuter Bike

After talking to Brad, the other day, about the fact that I don't ride the ti bike much, I decided to remedy that situation. It has spent a lot of time hanging in the shop building, due to the fact that it was my "serious" mountain bike/adventure bike. As such, I always felt that it was a bit of overkill to ride the ti bike to work, or just around the neighborhood.

Now that the new 29er has taken over the "serious" mountain bike duties, I have the ti bike set up as a cross bike, with 700x35c knobby tires, and a 36/48 crank. That, to me, makes it the ultimate "everyday" bike, although it is still capable of plenty of adventure riding.

I have ridden the ti bike to work, the past two days. Today, after getting home, I swapped the old Sachs rear derailleur (which was there just to make the bike ridable until something better came along) to a Shimano long-cage Tiagra that came off of Mark's fixed-gear conversion that I built up on Sunday. Yeah, it's a low-end derailleur, but it works fine. And, as soon as something better comes along...

It's weird how much faster I am on this bike than I am on the red commuter that I have been riding, lately. I can't really explain it, other than the fact that the creme Schwalbe tires on the red bike have always seemed slow to me, both on that bike and my fixed-gear. (They sure are comfy, though.)

Now, the ti bike will get some miles.



At 3:30 PM , Blogger Wilson said...

That's a really nice looking bike. Hipster-ish!
I like the disc brakes as a commuting option. I am trying to do the same with my commuter but its been a long time coming.


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