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Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Few Flurries...

 It has been snowing for about 12 hours, here at mi casa. The wind has been blowing, too, and I suspect that it has scoured a bit of the accumulation off of the yard. I still have a good 6 inches in the yard.

 The aerodynamic snow-bodywork on the truck gives you some idea of what the wind has been doing.

I have shoveled the front walk, and part of the drive, 4 times. On the fourth go-round, I shoveled everything, including the driveway out to the middle of the street, where passing traffic has beaten down the snow. That should make things easier for Steve, when he shows up for practice, later.

I piled all of the snow from the drive and the street under my tree, to water it. I don't understand people (and I see this, all the time) who shovel snow off of their walk and into the street. I would rather have that water soak into my yard, than go down the storm drain.

Of course, the people who do that are the same people who water their grass during a rain storm...

I rode the fat bike down to the coffee shop, and back, this morning. Odds are, I will ride it to work, tomorrow. I hope to remember my camera, so that I can get some shots on the way.



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