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Saturday, March 09, 2013

More About the Mufflers

I originally put the D&D cans on the Scrambler because the bike was just too quiet. Of course, the D&Ds ended up striking me as being just too loud. Then, when I swapped back to the stock cans, I was afraid that I would not like the drop in decibels. I want the bike to sound like a motorcycle, not a sewing machine!

When I installed the D&Ds, I also opened up the airbox, and installed a high-flow K&N air filter. This has the effect of producing a really nice intake roar, when you crank the throttle open. It is very audible from atop the machine, but I doubt that it is very noticeable on the side of the road.

Yeah, it's dirty. That happens when you ride a motorbike, all winter.

So, that gives me the motorbike sound I want, without setting off car alarms as I go by. I will probably pull the end baffles out, still, just to add a bit of rumble to the idle. But, I don't know that I will drill the inner baffle plate, at all.



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