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Monday, February 25, 2013

NAHBS 2013 Post #2

Forgot my camera, this morning, so I don't have any cool pictures of my snowy commute. I guess these photos from the NAHBS will have to do...

 Some of Craig Calfee's work.

 Craig Calfee.

 I would definitely ride this bike. Unfortunately, I don't remember a lot of details about it. Information overload will do that to you.

 Retrotec has been one of my favorite manufacturers since the old days, when Bob Seals was the owner. The new bikes carry on the Retrotec tradition, very nicely. This one exhibits one of the three dominant themes of the show, in that it is shod with Knard tires.

 And, of course, another of the dominant themes:  Wood! More of Calfee's work.

 The double top tubes on the Retrotec are cool.


 The Dirtbomb (below), from Soulcraft, was one of my favorite bikes at the show. It is even the right color.

 I like this guy's art. I have dabbled in this, a bit, myself, in the past.

 More wood. The tubes on this bike were six-sided, formed from flat slats of wood.

 Dig the rack on this fat bike!

Another 650b bike.

 This Hunter was built for a customer who owns a bike shop. The vintage Suntour shifter mounts came from the shop's old stock. I wish someone would reproduce these.
(If you look closely at the Bruce Gordon, from yesterday's post, you might notice that it has these same shifter mounts on it.)

 Appleman was across the aisle from Zambikes. This Knard-tired carbon mountain bike was one of the cooler bikes at the show. I particularly liked the internal routing for the hydraulic brake lines.

 Carbon brake rotor on the Appleman.

I should get one of these cages and start running moonshine.

Yesterday, we ended with the bike Masi from "Breaking Away". Today, we will sign off with Andy Hampsten's Giro-winning Serrotta  Huffy. Ben Serotta built these bikes (as I recall ... correct me if I am wrong), but Huffy was the bike sponsor.

What's in a name, anyway?



At 7:33 AM , Blogger Travel Gravel said...

Thanks for the NAHBS coverage! You're a lucky soul to be fortunate enough to go to the show. Better coverage on your blog than some of the commercial sites I normally go to. That Retrotec is so timeless, and the yellow Ellis, forget about it! Later!


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