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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday, Oily Sunday

Triumph recommends oil changes for the Scrambler every 6000 miles, or every year, whichever comes first.  I have just under 5000 miles on the Scram, but a lot of my riding has been in dusty conditions, and I am going to be riding a lot over the Memorial Day weekend, so I went ahead and changed the oil, today.

I went down to the auto parts store and got a container to drain the old oil into.  It should hold the next change, as well, before I have to take it to the recycler.

I also bought a long-necked funnel, crucial to avoid making a mess, with the high pipes in the way of the filler hole.

Speaking of the filler hole, I suppose there is probably a special factory tool for removing the plug.  I have always used a Park cone wrench.  It fits perfectly into the slot on the plug.

New oil and filter installed, it was then time to get the camping gear out and test-load the bike.  My buddy Tom, at work, invited me along to ride and camp in the mountains over the long holiday weekend.  We hope to ride dirt roads and secondary paved roads, mostly, and avoid the crowded highways.

Camping may be a challenge, so I changed up my approach, for this trip.  I am leaving the hammock behind, and taking my tarp/bedroll and a self-inflating air mattress.  I also have a small rain cloth to use over the top of the bedroll if it rains, effectively turning it into a bivy-shelter. I hope that I don't need it...

I attached one of the bags I usually use when I ride to Tennessee on the Trident, so that I can carry some clothes, eating supplies, etc, down low.  I am going to commute with the load on the bike, and see how it behaves.  By Thursday, I should have a handle on how it will work out.

Since the bike is all loaded up, I will be driving the truck this evening!  In about 45 minutes, I will load up the guitar and drive over to Kaos Pizza, on South Pearl Street, and sign up for the open mic night.  A few of my coffee shop buddies are supposed to show up, so I hope I don't forget the words to my songs, right in the middle of it.

Wish me luck.



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