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Thursday, May 03, 2012


I took today off, and decided to mow the yard while I was home. I mowed the front yard, then trimmed with my line-trimmer.

I started on the back yard, and trimmed first. Not long after I started cleaning up the fence line, I broke the string in the trimmer. It broke right where it exits the reel. So, I opened the reel and unwound a bit of line.

As I started trimming again, the excess line was trimmed off by the cutter on the string guard. When that happened, I felt the broken piece hit my calf.  I didn't think much of it...that happens fairly often ,

But, as I worked, I continued to feel the spot where the broken mono-filament had hit my calf. After a couple of minutes, I stopped trimming and took a look at my leg.

This is what I saw:

 Well, I was not too shocked to see a small bit of line stuck in my skin.  Stranger things happen, all the time.

But, I was a bit shocked when I went to brush it off, and it didn't budge. At that point, I figured out that the piece of line was stuck a little deeper into my leg than I had initially thought.  So, i grabbed the string and, much like when you remove a Band-Aid, I pulled hard and fast.

This is what I pulled out of my leg:

Yes, there was a bit over two inches of mono-filament line embedded in my calf.  Ouch!

I went inside and washed my leg, and squeezed as much blood out of the wound as I could, in an effort to clean it out.  Then, I went back to the yard and finished up with the trimming and mowing.

Not long after, the UPS guy showed up with some D&D cans for my Scrambler:

 They are a bit loud, but I will re-pack them, later, and try to tone them down a little.  On my first test ride, every time I rolled off of the throttle, the pipes popped and banged as if I was in a young war.  So, I disabled the air-injection by plugging the line which attaches to the air box.  After popping on roll-off.

The best part is that they weigh about 10 pounds less than the stock mufflers, and they should actually add a bit of power.

Plus, I like the looks of them...

I have to admit that I am shallow enough that that the looks of the pipes mean something to me.



At 5:20 AM , Blogger Pondero said...

Okay, that does it, I'm REALLY going to wear long pants with the line trimmer now.

10 pounds lost, aesthetics boost, nice evolution of the scrambler continues...

At 5:43 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tetanus shot -- tetanus shot!! A guy who likes to talk as much as you do does not need "lockjaw"

At 10:30 AM , Blogger Christopher said...

+1 on going to the doctor, you don't need an infection 2 inches deep!
On the other hand, I am surprised that you had the presence of mind to take pictures before and after...

At 10:32 AM , Blogger Apertome said...

Ahhhhh! That looks extremely painful. The bike just keeps getting cooler.

At 7:55 PM , Blogger Wilson said...

Holy crap!

At 9:09 PM , Blogger katina said...


At 12:38 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just cut the leg off below the knee. That way you only have one tendonitis issue to deal with.

At 3:11 PM , Blogger Jon said...

But, that's my good leg...


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