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Friday, November 12, 2010

Live Music Night - November 10 Edition

Monday, as I was looking at the Bluebird Theater's site, pricing tickets for the Reverend Horton Heat show in January, I saw that The Heavy was playing on Wednesday night.  You may be familiar with their song "How You Like Me Now" from a KIA car commercial.

Anyway, the tickets were only $20.00, at the door, so I asked around at work to see if anyone wanted to go.  My new boss and his wife were game, so the three of us ended up going.

 This was the only photo I got.  Neglected to take my camera, so this is from my cell phone.

I rode the big Suzuki down to the show.  The temperature was hovering around freezing, and the windshield, hand guards and heated grips made it the most comfortable option out of all my motorbikes.  (Jason Max has my car, while he shops for a new one after the death of his old 4-Runner.  R.I.P.)

It was a great show, after the sound guys finally got the vocals loud enough on, after the first song.  I was struck by how the band (guitar, bass, drummer, sax, trumpet) were all very laid-back and calm on stage, in contrast to the energetic performance put out by the singer.  It really kept the focus on the front-man.  The guitar player is left-handed, and was playing a Telecaster Custom.  I'm partial to Telecasters, as you may know if you read my 52 Card Pickup blog.

As I was riding home, around midnight, it was spitting snow and the temp had fallen into the upper-20s.  If it hadn't been so late, and if I hadn't been starting to feel the symptoms of the head-cold I'm dealing with now, I might have taken a longer ride.  It was actually kind of nice to cruise through the cold on the motorbike.

I have to thank Doohickey, over at the Mixte Gallery, for turning me on to this band.  On his other blog, Doohickey highlighted an appearance by The Heavy on the Letterman Show, a few months back, which prompted me to buy their new CD.  If you ever get a chance to see them, take it.



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I had never heard of The Heavy before, but I loved the song you linked to. Bet it was a great show!


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