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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Live Music Night

Rode the 450 to Herman's Hideaway again, last night, and suffered through a pretty crappy opening band before having my socks knocked off by Sugarhouse.  I grabbed some video of them, and asked their permission to post it.  Jana (pronounced "Johna", just like my mother's name) was happy to let me post it up.

I started filming about halfway into the song, but you get a pretty good idea of what the band is like.  Jana is a great singer, and no slouch on the drums, and Jason is one of those guitarists the likes of which you don't often see in a local band.  I feel almost like the people in Austin must have felt when Stevie Ray Vaughan was playing local clubs.

I bought the bass player, Mike, a beer after their set was over, and he gave me their CD, which is excellent.

Check out the video here.



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