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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Crappy Cell Phone Motorbike Picture of the Day

I spotted this Honda CB750 cafe racer sitting on the street, on my way home.  I never have my camera, when I need it.

If you haven't noticed, I'm kinda into the old motorbikes...



At 3:57 PM , Blogger frankenbiker said...

I don't like the color much,but otherwise that's a nice lookin' cafe.

At 7:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe that was just for sale on craigslist not too long ago. Very cool, and looks well done. I agree the BRG is an odd hue for a Honda...but if you're going ton up on an old honda colors blur anyway!

To the CAFE!!!

Mad Brad

At 8:16 PM , Blogger Jon said...

Well, part of the "crappy" in the crappy cell phone pic is the color reproduction. It came out somewhat overexposed: The green is actually a good bit darker than what you see here.

Still, it's nice to see one in a color other than black, silver or red.

At 3:50 PM , Blogger frankenbiker said...

Jon, I know I said I am not that into green but check out the 67 Triumph cafe racer custom on just surfed into it today,the emerald green frame is really set off by the white tank.NICE!

At 7:26 PM , Blogger Jon said...

That is pretty sweet. I'm sorta getting the cafe itch, again.

I'm giving this a long, hard look...

At 7:02 AM , Blogger frankenbiker said...

Your 45o that you were going to give to your nephew isn't to far from that cl350,GET CUTTIN' my friend!Make that bike something really cool.I look forward to seeing the results.


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