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Friday, September 03, 2010

Do It

 I've been meaning to post this detail picture from the CL-450 since I noticed it, the second day I owned the bike.  Even if I didn't like the paint, I don't think I could paint over this.

Man, I had a tough week at work, this week.  I had a backlog of past-due testing, equipment problems, more material arriving every day...

I worked overtime every day, and pretty much got home exhausted, every night.  Supper, play with dogs, shower, bed, up again at 4:30.

So, not a lot to post about.  But, I'm still around and I've got a long weekend ahead.

I did sell a couple of bikes (a 62 Novarra Strada and the old cruiser with the wine-crate rack) and a guitar on Craigslist, today.  Oddly, all three guys showed up, looked at the item, said, "It's just what I wanted," and handed me my asking price without trying to talk me down.

It was pretty pleasant, and unusal, for CR deals.

I've got more stuff for sale.  Hope it all goes just as smoothly.



At 10:47 PM , Blogger Jerome said...

Jon, just gotta say, your blog is one of my favorites. Everytime it shows up in my google reader, I know I'll like what I see. Thanks. I appreciate it.




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