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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Saturday Productivi-day

After starting my day out the right way (coffee, scone, more coffee), I got moving and actually managed to get some stuff done.

I finally lucked up on a decent porch swing, at a garage sale, and bought it.  While I don't have a porch to hang it on, I have a conveniently situated limb on one of the front-yard trees.  I'll post pictures after it's actually swinging.

 Then, I sold this little vintage Kay tube amp, through craigslist.  I liked the fellow who got it, and I feel like it went to a good home.  It really seemed like he would enjoy it.

Then, Carol brought her mixte, which she has named "Little Blue", over and I attached the rear carriers.

They are baskets, hand-woven by my sister.  I had originally intended to put them on my Hercules 3-Speed, but that project never got off the ground.

I'll eventually varnish them, so they will match the front basket a bit better as well as being more weather-resistant.

I'll probably get some brown leather straps to replace the toe-straps I used today.  I used the bottle holders from a wine crate, cut in half, to reinforce it, and attached the bottom to prevent swaying.  carol just wanted them on, and usable, since she's been using the bike lately (and needed more gocery-room).

I put fenders on the RockCombo commuter bike.  I'm tired of dodging the drops coming up off of my front wheel when I run through the sprinkler overflow on the roads, every morning.  Plus, we are approaching that time of year when we get the occasional; rainy day.  I can't believe I went this long without fenders on my commuter, actually.

I also installed a nicer rack, and forgot to take pictures of it before I put the bags back on.  Suffice it to say that it is heavy-duty, and has a design which should keep the bags out of the rear spokes a little better than the old rack did.  I pulled it from the carcass of a parts bike I picked up from Mark, a year ago.

Now, I am getting ready to go see Robert Rodriguez's "Machete" with Brad and Randy.  Should be a fun "bachelor night".



At 3:05 PM , Blogger MandG said...

Nice! My husband just got his tube amp back from a long-term loan and is really enjoying it.....a lot.... loud.


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