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Sunday, May 17, 2009

So Far, Today

After a few days of being laid up with Sciatic nerve problems, it feels good to be back on the bike. I still have a bit of moderate pain down the leg, but I'm able to get around. For most of this past week, I was pretty much immobilized. But I woke up feeling good, yesterday, and I was actually able to ride the bike to the coffee shop and back.

I did the same, this morning. While I was there, I saw this old Western Flyer locked to a rack where some guy leaves bikes with "For Sale" signs on them. This one doesn't have a notice attached to it, but I assume it's one of his. (The one behind it has a sign on it.)

It's unusual to see one of these with drop bars. This is just a Sturmey Archer 3-speed hub away from being perfect. Pretty cool, as is.
This two-cable twist grip shifts the rear derailleur. These Push/Pull systems are early attempts at indexed shifting.

The derailleur usually has the indexing built into it, rather than the "modern" method of building the indexing into the shifter. Shimano had a system, which used one stiff cable rather than two flexible cables, called Positron. I always thought that would make a good name for a Transformer robot...

On the way home, I decided to cut across the campus of the University of Denver (DU, for some reason, rather than UD.) As I approached the main drive, going out of the eastern side of campus, to cross University Blvd., I spotted these two guys:

Hidey Hole

I got pretty close to them. I assume that they are used to people gawking at them.

I just wish I had taken my camera along, this morning. I should get into that habit. The Crackberry camera is okay, as cell-phone cameras go, but it's not nearly as nice as the CoolPix.

So, now I'm sitting in the shade of my shop building. Lunch is eaten, and the blog post is done. I think I'll go mail off the pins which people have ordered (see the next blog post down), and maybe do some bike work.

Just my typical Sunday.



At 5:22 PM , Blogger Big Oak said...

Sorry to hear about your sciatica. Hope it goes away soon. It's cool seeing the foxes. I see one very infrequently running across fields. Those have a good spot to hide and must have a good source of food available.

At 9:46 PM , Blogger Dottie said...

Sorry to hear about the pain, but glad you're feeling better. Those foxes are adorable.

At 7:00 AM , Blogger Jon said...

Thanks for the kind words, guys.

Dottie: I really do wish i had my camera with me. I'll carry it, this weekend, and see if I can catch them, again.


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