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Monday, May 11, 2009

Reader's Bike: Robert Sisson's Sillgey

Bob emailed me, a while back, asking where I had gotten the Formula 1 frame. I told him that Nick at Rockfish had built it, and I had modified it into a fixed gear. When Bob tried to get ahold of Nick, he didn't have any luck.

So, I sent him a link to Sillgey. Their Piccolo is basically what I had converted my 7-speed Rockfish to. In one of those "universe balancing itself" moves, Bob bought a Piccolo frame and had a derailleur hanger welded on and built it up as a multispeed mini-velo.

And, he did a damned nice job of it, too! (There is a close-up of the rear triangle, as well, on the Sillgey site.)



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