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Sunday, February 15, 2009

T-Shirts and Tires

You may have noticed a link to Rattrap Press, in the links section to the right. It is the blog of Myles Trigo, and he posts about his bicycling as well as the screenprinting business which he has. I recently got some shirts from Myles, and I couldn't be happier with them, both in terms of the artwork and the quality of printing.

Myles had posted this design on the blog, and it is the one which caught my eye. So, I contacted Myles about getting one. He had one in my size, so I was stoked.

The stoakage increased exponentially when I received a package from Myles with not only the shirt I had requested but also this one...

and this one (we had done a little horse-trading). Plus Myles threw in a 4-pack of bike-logo buttons.
I am thinking of having some new t-shirts made, when I come up with the funding. When I do, I hope to get them printed up by Rattrap Press.

In more style-oriented news, I got these tires for the Orange Peugeot, yesterday. They are 700x40c, made by Cheng Shin and marketed under the Electra brand. I had switched the 27" wheels from the Peugeot to the abortive Clubman-style Raleigh I had been building, so the Peu has 700c flip/flop wheels now.


The Raleigh was just too big for me. I actually sold it, last night. Glad I changed out the wheels and tires!


And, as a side note, since I have been trying to be a bit more stylish on the bike I have come to realize why sweaters are called that. I had a jacket on over that sweater, when I left the house at 18 degrees F, this morning. I was uncomfortably warm by the time I got to the coffee shop, a little over two miles away!



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