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Sunday, February 01, 2009

The Most Ghetto Paintjob Ever

Well, the Yellow Bike is no longer yellow. It has come down with a bad case of Safety Orange.

I did the "I'm in a hurry and just want to get another color on this thing" rattlecan extravaganza. I didn't sand anything, or strip the decals off or, for that matter, even take the fork out of the frame.

I held the can too close to the frame as I sprayed, and used the paint as body filler over the chips in the old paint. When it made runs and drips, I wiped them off with my finger, then sprayed over the wipe. There's a can and a half of paint on this thing, and it probably won't ever fully dry. So I'm sure it will get all chipped and scratched pretty fast.
But then, hopefully, the weather will be consistently warm, and I can send it down to Lee to get it stripped, then respray it more carefully. I don't want to invest in powder coat on it, for some reason. I'd rather rattlecan it.
Anyway, I think it looks better than it did. I had just had an eyeful of the original paint.


At 9:09 AM , Anonymous Richard said...

It´s got character at least.


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