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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Random Thoughts

As I have ridden the Voyager back and forth this week I've noticed that I seem to work harder on a bike with multiple freewheeling gears. I say that it "seems" that way because I am comparing my perceived effort to that which I put out on the yellow bike.

Thing is, the yellow bike is not only fixed gear, but I am also running narrower, 700c tires on it. So the extra effort on the Voyager may actually be due to the fatter, heavier tires.

I also notice that, out of a possible 24 gears, I tend to use 3 or 4. That was one of the reasons I went to a single speed in the first place. I noticed that I would go on 50 or 60 mile road rides and never shift.

I shift a few times on the way back and forth on the Voyager simply because I have the option.

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At 2:40 PM , Blogger Dan said...

Maybe it'll finally SNOW soon and you can test out the studs...

At 7:12 PM , Blogger Apertome said...

I shift all the time -- I couldn't imagine riding a single speed or fixed-gear bicycle. I'm sure it'd make me a stronger rider, but that just sounds painful!

I could see it, maybe, around town, where it's flat in most places.

At 4:46 AM , Blogger frankenbiker said...

My thoughts exactly!Four out of the six bikes I ride regularly are fixed or single speed,I find I go farther and faster on fixed gears than geared bikes.I agree on the less effort front also it is definetily easier to climb in too big gears on a fixie than a gearie.My late getting started Pugsley winter bike will be a 2 speed fixed/free with truvativ's new hammerschmidt crankset. I welded the MRP tabs to the bottom bracket myself to accept it's mounting system.I will have 32/14 and 22/14 fixed and free with a front disk brake and rear V's.I'll probably get it built by spring.LOL!

At 6:07 AM , Blogger nick said...

bah, you only want to use your new phone.

well everything said right there makes sense all the same.

At 7:44 AM , Blogger Jon said...

Dan: I used the studs today, since the news was full of "freezing drizzle" alarmism. Don't know if they were really necessary, but it was fun to pretend they were.

Apertome/Frankenbiker: I usually ride fixed, as you know, even on relatively hilly, longish road rides. My average speed may suffer a bit (slow on the downhills, for sure), but I'm not racing. I do use a lot of gear range (though probably only 3 or 4 actual gear ratios)on my mountain bike. But I often ride specific trails in order to make fixed off-roading possible/fun.

Nick: You are spot-on, my friend. I had something on my mind, at work where I can't use the computer to blog, and a desire to see if I could actually post from the Crackberry.


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