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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Old School Slightly Updated

I found this early 90s Schwinn Team Issue MTB at the thrift store, about a month ago. It had all Deore DX components, which I consider to be as close to perfect as Shimano ever got.

I've always said that they quit making DX simply because it never wore out, and there was no good reason to upgrade from it to something else. So, Shimano dropped it and started making the more planned-obsolescence kind of stuff.

My buddy Mark wanted the bike, but he wanted to "modernize" it a bit.

I removed the original rigid fork, and the top half of the headset. I replaced the fork with the red Manitou, and the top half of the headset was replaced with that portion of a WTB GreaseGuard threadless headset. An old Specialized threadless stem completed the front end.

I also installed Avid V-brakes to facilitate the stoppage.

Altogether, I think it improved the usability of the bike without totally destroying the character.

I think Mark will like it.



At 8:46 PM , Anonymous red light green light said...

That's a bombproof looking Hardtail....
I think that the KOM bikes were at the top of the lineup in the 80's weren't they?
I thought that those were being made in Japan along with the Super le Tours, very high quality....

At 9:16 PM , Blogger Jon said...

Yeah, made by Panasonic. It's a sweet ride.


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