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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Gonna Take You, Back to School, Yeah

Darryl Funk and I went over to Rich Gangl's shop, yesterday, to get some pointers on how to handle a torch, prepare joints for brazing, etc. Gangl has been doing this since 1979, and really does some pretty work.

Here are some shots of his shop. Click for BIG, it's worth your while if you are interested in this sort of stuff!

Lathe and milling machine.

These are sections of downtubes that Rich has replaced over the years, due to damage. The first orange one from the left is a sction of Masi downtube from Breaking Away. There were two bikes, one used in the movie and one a backup. Dennis Christopher kept the backup, because the movie bike got a bit beat up. It ended up here in Denver, and was eventually wrecked. Rich repaired it, a few years back. (He also has the headtube, which I coveted mightily!)

Some of Rich's personal bikes, now retired, along with his paint curing oven.

Paint booth, more bikes.
Rich was ultra-cool and very willing to help us out. It was a very productive visit.
Now, I have a trerrible case of shop-envy, though.


At 7:51 AM , Anonymous Red Light Green Light said...

I've heard that name before... Did he race? Where is this shop?

Very cool looking collection hanging up there! I'm guessing that he has quite a few from different countries....

At 9:57 AM , Blogger Jon said...

Rich is a World Champion time trialist, the only framebuilder to personally earn the rainbow stripes on his frames.

His shop is in Lakewood, one of the Denver suburbs on the west side of town.

All of those bikes hanging up were built by Rich. They are his older personal bies, which he has retired from use.

At 8:52 AM , Blogger Brad said...

I am curious about the sears stationary bike...looks REALLY out of place among all that sexy steel and tools...

Fantastic trip!


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