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Friday, May 23, 2008

Super-secret Skunkworks Bike Project #3

This is a Dyno Slammer, which I pulled from the pile at the Junque Yard sans front brake and rear wheel. It is one of the "Made in USA" Dynos, and was originally one of the highest models in the lineup.
I put an Odyssey Evolver front brake on it, found a rear wheel, pegs and tires for it, and set it up for my nephew Kyle. (It's Super Secret, because he doesn't even know I have it, much less that it's coming to him.)
The pegs were a bit of a challenge, as the frame has the PacMan dropouts (they are recessed and shaped a lot like th videogame character), and there are only a few pegs on the market made to fit them. Fortunately, a post on the BMX Forums dicussion page pointed out that 1-1/2 inch pegs would slot in, since the PacMan-specific pegs just neck down from 2 inches to 1-1/2. I bought a couple of pair and, sure enough, they work like a charm.

The bike had Hoffman Bikes bars on it, which is a plus. It had been partially spray-painted black, but I cleaned most of that off. I left it on the fork, though, just in the time-saving mode.

The blue hub is random, but it combines nicely with the red chainring and polished (in lieu of white) front hub to give it something of a theme. The blue trimmed seat is a good companion to the blue hub.

Yeah, I's my inner interior decorator coming through.

Anyway, I figure a pro-quality bike will stand a better chance of holding up to the abuse Kyle and Sean will put it through, so I was very glad to find it.

Lastly, good fences (hopefully) make good neighbors. This is my Memorial Day Weekend project, a 6-foot privacy fence across the back yard and gates at the house, so that I can let Jack have a bit more freedom. Hope it works to keep peace with the neighbors!



At 5:17 AM , Blogger frankenbiker said...

That Kyle is one lucky nephew! I would love that bike,especially since I am going on a ride in Cleveland today to see a BMX flatland competition at the Galleria today.I could show off my mad skills and my age on that thing,LOL!Have a good Memorial Day weekend one and all,and pray to whatever you believe in for our troops and thier families that this war will end soon and they can all come home soon.

At 7:05 AM , Anonymous red light green light said...

that Dyno is bad-ass! The only thing he'll need is a pair of old-school checkered Van's BMX shoes!!

At 8:15 PM , Anonymous Richard said...

All the hubs, rims, pegs, brake calipers, and pedals of practically every bike in Nicaragua is some sort of colour like that bike. Super bright colours, spokey dokes, as many reflectors as people can fit on the wheels, coloured tape, you name it. It´s incredible

At 7:51 PM , Blogger nick said...

soo your internets site isnt working...but i love the projects...keepem coming!


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