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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tonight's Very Special Guest Star: Dan Piraro

Dan Piraro is the artist behind my favorite single-panel comic, ever, Bizarro. He is also a stand-up comic and, a while back, had his one man show on the road. I emailed him, and invited (or begged, if you prefer) him to bring the show to Denver. I even offered to set him up with a Vespa on which he could tear about town like a crazed ex-Texan comic artist now residing in NooYawk.

Sadly, he was unable to make it to Denver. (On the plus side, he neglected to serve me with a restraining order, so I continued to email him, occasionally.)

Eventually, Dan put me on his email list, and I quit bugging him since I was getting regular updates without having to hang around his virtual doorway, waiting to see him slip out for a Cuba Libre. Through this list, he informed the chosen of the creation of his new blog, BizarroBlog. It contains news of his comings and goings, the activism of his Crazy Half-Nekkid Wife, and the daily Bizarro comics (a week behind the times, as is usual for this sort of thing).

It's kinda like my sketch blog, only with content, good art and humor thrown in.

Today, I (once again) emailed Dan and asked him if he was interested at all in bike commuting, or bikes or general. He not only sent me a gracious reply, but also included these two photos to post here:

Dan on his Pederson, with its distinctive hammock seat...

and, with the Crazy Half-Nekkid Wife on his 1981 Vespa, of which he is the original and only owner.

Dan Piraro, will you be my Celebrity BFF?



At 9:42 PM , Anonymous red light green light said...

Wow, That Pederson looks super comfy!

At 8:29 AM , Blogger "3 Thighs" Piraro said...

Yes, that Pedersen IS super comfy! Thanks to Jon for posting my pics– I'm happy to be his BFF and hope to bring my comedy show to Denver sometime!

At 10:23 AM , Anonymous geoffrey said...

I was going to say that about the half-nekkid wife.

At 8:23 PM , Blogger Brendan said...

That's awesome, Jon. I'm a big Piraro fan, too.


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