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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Errors, Mistakes and General News

First, the error: The bike that HBC and I built, the other day, was a Hiawatha, rather than a Hercules. We didn't realize that until Brad found the original head badge, in a box of parts.

The mistake: I apparently overheated one of the joints on the frame I modified, and the downtube cracked. Luckily, Brad noticed it before we went any farther.

So, I am going to try it, again. This time, I'll be using the red Scorcher frame. I transferred the parts from it to the yellow RockHopper frame I picked up from the scrapyard, a few weeks back.

Brad gets the red one, because he wants two brakes, and has a particular set of cantilevers in mind. The yellow one has an under-the-chainstay U-brake, and I like the clean look of the seatstays. So, I spent a good portion of yesterday building the yellow Scorcher, and rode it to the coffee shop and back, this morning.

It rides (of course) pretty much like the red one. Now, I'll put the bags on it and ride it to work, tomorrow.

You may have noticed that the fork doesn't match the bike. The original fork wouldn't clear the bigger wheels and tires, but I had a nice StumpJumper fork lying about. It was a threadles fork, so I had to thread it to work with the original headset and stem. Worked out nicely.



At 9:40 PM , Anonymous red light green light said...

Wow! Looks pretty cool Jon. I think that it is more unique than a lot of the "Cross" bikes that I have seen lately. It's probably more bombproof too...


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