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Saturday, March 22, 2008

RG's Birthday Ride

My buddy Richard turned 22, today, so we took a Birthday Ride. It was kind of a "combined" Birthday ride, since the mileage, for me, ended up equal to our two ages added together. I'll be 47 on my next birthday, and that adds up to 69 miles, combined. You can see that I surpassed that by just over a mile and a half.

I rode to Pablo's On Sixth and met up with Richard, then we rode the Cherry Creek/470/South Platte Trails loop. We stopped off at The Market at 15th and Larimer and had lunch, then I rode on home.

I took the LeMond on this ride for its shakedown cruise. Other than the seatpost working its way down and making my seat a bit too low by the time I got home, it was flawless.

It seems that I need a better bolt in the seat collar. I had to replace the Allen bolt with a regular hex-head Nut and bolt to get the cantilever cable hanger to work, and I just can't get it tight enough.

I was happy to find that I can still cruise at over 20 mph on the flats. All of the loaded commuter-bike riding I've done lately has been at an average speed of about 15 mph, and I just wasn't sure if that was because of the bike or because of me. I feel better about it now.

Hell of a headwind on the last couple of miles, coming back to the house. Made the Reuben sandwich I had for lunch get up and walk around, a little. It seems to have settled down, now, though.

Good Springtime fixed gear ride, with sunny skies, temps in the low 50s and little wind (until the end).


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