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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Changes to LeMond

Made some changes to the LeMond, today. I'm not sure why, since I haven't ridden the thing in two years, or so. But, it was once my main bike, and I think I'll put some miles on it, this year.

I had already put On-One Midge bars on it (with my favorite handlebar tape scheme), and bar-end shifters.

Now, it has a more upright stem, to bring the drops of the bars up to where they need to be for optimum use.
I also swapped out the crappy old v-brakes I had put on it "temporarily", 7 years ago. It now sports Avid Shorty cantilevers.

Less knobby, 35c tires will roll better on the pavement, and still work fairly well on dry dirt. I could have used these, today, on the ride that B, Br and I took. We rode an upaved section of the Highline Canal Trail, and it was covered in packed snow and ice for much of the distance we rode.
I was on the orange Peugeot, with 35c slicks on it. The wide tires, at a fairly low air pressure, worked pretty well, but I would have felt a lot more confident on the slick stuff if I had been running a little tread.
Earlier in the ride, as we rode along the South Platte Trail, just south of Dartmouth Avenue, a bald eagle flew over us with a still-wriggling fish in his talons.That would have been an awesome sight out in the wilderness, but I was just gob-smacked to see that in the middle of town!
I totalled up about 23 miles, today, and felt pretty good about it. The old Peugeot has to be the most comfortable bike I have ever ridden, both in ride quality and fit. The wind actually wasn't even noticeable until I was almost home, and the temps were in the low 50's by then. Of course, that's supposed to change for the commute/work week.
But, that's okay. Every day that passes brings us that much closer to Spring and Summer!
(Does anyone know why Blogger will sometimes remove your paragraph breaks when you publish? That's what's up, in the block of text just above this, and it drives me nuts!)


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