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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Intolerable Rudeness

I had a big, long diatribe written out in my head about something that happened on the bike trail, today. But, upon further reflection, I have decided to not post it. Rudeness does not need to be answered with further rudeness.

Still, it sometimes amazes me how self-centered people can be.



At 3:23 PM , Blogger Brendan Leonard said...

Hey Jon -- You can send it to us: ayearof

At 3:52 PM , Blogger Jon said...

Nah, I'll just let it go. I will, however, add you to my blogroll. I enjoyed reading through your entries.

At 12:56 PM , Anonymous CresceNet said...

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At 4:32 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

On intolerable rudeness,I have noticed whilst riding in the winter people tend to either veiw me as A: an obstacle
B: crazy for riding in snow
C: crazy for being on the
road at all-or
D: really hard core for
riding in the snow
D: I appreciate,I have actually had a few motorists yell encouragement lately as I haul groceries home I my homemade trailer.A,B,and C are the ones that really bug me.If I choose to ride a seven mile round trip to town and back in the dead of winter I shouldn't have to have obscenities yelled at me or rude gestures out of car windows.People should just respect the choices of us HARDCORE year round commuters and go on with there important ( to them anyway) lives.Being stuck behind me for 30 seconds while a car goes the other direction isn't going to keep you from getting there the fastest way possible before everyone else who are also in just as much of a hurry as you.If it does you really need to get your prioroties straight and just slow down a little,you'll be much less stressed out for it.Thanks for letting me vent a little.


At 9:41 PM , Blogger katina said...

yeah...i think you should just start another blog entirely dedicated to the asshats to encounter on your commutes...but then, that's what Brendan's maybe not.

At 9:32 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Asshats?!,how refreshingly eloquent.I wasn't trying to anger anyone with that entry. I was simply venting my frustrations a little.I generally don't get that upset at motorists.After all they have somewhere to go too.I only wish for a tiny bit of TOLERANCE.



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