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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cold, But Dry

I put my studded tires on in anticipation of the snow which never arrived. But, we at least got some cool temps.

It was 4.8 degrees F on the digital thermometer, when I left the house, this morning. It had warmed up to 6 by the time I got to work. Heat wave.

I couldn't find the overmitts for my snowboard gloves, so my fingers got a bit chilly for a while. They warmed up, though, about the time I started overheating because I had added one extra layer of clothes on my torso. It was one of those odd rides where I alternated from just a little too cool to just a little too warm.

The ride home, however, was about as good as it gets, this time of year. I was comfortable, temperature-wise, and I accidentally made good time. I got home in 42 minutes, without ever feeling like I was pushing particularly hard.

At work, three different people remarked to me that they were impressed that I had ridden in throughout the cold and snowy weather. I told each of them that it was probably a good thing I had started the daily riding during good weather. By the time the weather turned cold, riding was part of my morning routine, and it really didn't seem like such a big thing.

If I had to start a new routine, and ride in the cold, I would have had a much harder time of it. As is, it's just a different set of conditions that I encounter in the normal course of the day.

Oh, well. Time to go to bed, so that I can get up and ride through the cold again, tomorrow morning.



At 1:41 PM , Blogger Apertome said...

I know what you mean ... since I had a chance to get acclimatized the cold hasn't bothered me (although things have been more mild around here).

The thing is, I still enjoy riding to work, even when it's really cold. That's basically all the riding I've done lately, though, which is starting to get to me.


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