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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What Bicycling Month Is This, Anyway?

May was National Bicycling Month, so I rode to work every day. June was Colorado Bicycle Month, so I rode to work every day. In fact, I have ridden for 37 consecutive work days, plus every non-work day except for two, since May 1.

In that time, I've ridden 629 miles back and forth between the lab and home. I've been chased by one dog, witnessed one head-on collision between two cars (each of which was running the same red light), and saw the cops chasing a bank robber, moments before they actually ran over him with a car to stop him!

The weather has graced me with cool mornings and pleasant evenings, along with 60 mph winds, temperatures in the 100+ range (F, thankfully, no boiling water yet) and soaking thunderstorms.
Along the way, I've started feeling like a cyclist, again, rather than a guy who just owns a bunch of bikes. This makes me happy, and I'm nicer when I'm happy. So, I'm sure my friends and acquaintances are glad I've been riding.

The new shop space has also contributed to making me happy. It's fun, again, to work on bikes. I actually did some maintenance to the pink bike, tonight. I pulled the bottom bracket and put some anti-seize on the threads. I'm hoping that will cure the horrible creaking sound (Welcome to the Inner Sanctum...Heh, heh, heh!) that I've been experiencing on climbs and when accelerating away from a stop.
Now, it's July, and I'm still riding to work every day. It's gotta be Bike Month, somewhere...


At 5:32 PM , Blogger katina said...

Yay for being happy!

At 10:28 PM , Blogger Jon said...

Happy is as happy does...


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