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Thursday, May 24, 2007

More Commuter News (Please Don't Yawn)

So, I got good and rained on, yesterday. Today I had a flat about a mile and a half into my ride home. Not my week, I guess.

I was riding along, hating the 15 mph headwind I was pushing, when I noticed that my hardtail frame was feeling pretty springy in the back. "Maybe it's just because I haven't aired the tires in 10 days," I hoped.

Nope. Springy turned into mushy. Mushy turned into squirmy, and I finally gave in to reality and pulled over to the curb. One of the great things about my commute is the fact that most of the way is along fairly quiet residential streets, so I had a nice shady spot, away from traffic, in which to work.

I never found anything in my tire, which always makes me nervous that I will immediately get another flat. But, i installed the new tube, shot the CO2 into it, and remounted the wheel. No problems from there on.

I was glad about that, too, since I realized I had no patch kit with me, and no more tubes, either. So, if I had had another flat, I would have been up the proverbial creek, for sure.

The weather, today, was the polar opposite of yesterday's; blue skies, sunshine, mid-60's temps and a lot of wind. If you're going to have a flat, today's weather is the kind to have it in.

To tell you the truth, though, yesterday's ride (rain, no wind) was more fun. Of course, I actually like riding in the rain. It's something I got in the habit of when I lived in Columbus, Ohio. In that part of the country, if you don't ride in the rain you don't ride.

But, there's something to be said for rainy rides. The automobile traffic noise is more pleasant. I's somewhat quieter and lower pitched. And, I love the gentle swishing sound that bicycle tires make on wet pavement.

I rode along, yesterday, and noticed my reflection on the road below me. I found myself wondering what his world might look like. Was it the hazy, dark world I saw when I looked down, or was he riding along in clear air, seeing me in a murky world due to the asphalt interface between us.

Does he always ride under me, our tires rolling along together like two magnets on a sheet, or does he only ride in the rain?

That's the kind of stuff which goes through my mind as I ride along in a downpour. And, it's one of the reasons I like riding on wet days. With rainy bike rides, who needs drugs?



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