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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another Month Closer to The Grave

Man, the month of May went by quickly. I thought, when I committed to riding to work every day, that it would be a big deal. Now, that seems like yesterday.

As a recap: 323 commuting miles (plus errands and trips to the coffee shop), two soaking rainstorms, one conversation with a little man in a big Hummer, one dog chase, one flat, one day of really hellacious headwinds, no gasoline purchases, and 19 days of fun on the way to work, rather than aggravation.

I rode the bike on 30 of 31 days, this month. For some reason I rode my scooter to the coffee shop on my birthday, and my motorcycle everywhere else I went, and never got on the bike.

My bike commitment for June (Colorado Bicycle Month): ride to work every day, buy no gas. If I can go two months without purchasing petrol, I feel like I will have scored some points against the petroleum hegemony. The motorbike and the scooter are close to full, and the truck has a quarter-tank left from April.

I would really like to limit myself to 6 tanks of gas per year in the truck. I think that this will be more than enough if I use the truck only for hauling heavy loads long distances.

I will soon be moving the bike shop out of my house and into new digs. Getting my front room back will be a relative luxury, as will working in a room with a ceiling higher than 7 feet!

The walls are 8 feet high, so I have room to hang bikes from the ceiling. Not as convenient as having everything (computer, TV, bike stand) in one room, but a heck of a lot nicer than having everything (computer, TV, bike stand) in one room.



At 9:21 PM , Blogger katina said...

hmm...I bet when you're finished with all this bike-muting, you're going to find that your truck won't start., in other words, when you do decide that you're going to drive to work one day, make sure you do leave yourself enough time to bike, just in case...granted, I think you said that biking only takes like 5 more minutes than driving. lucky duck.


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