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Monday, June 25, 2007

Sixty Days Per Tank

I finally had to fill the truck with petrol, today. Fifty-five dollars to fill up! Oh well, I guess $27.50 per month for fuel isn't that bad.

I had to fill up so that I could take my nephew Sean's early-90's Klein mountain bike to FedEx and ship it off. I hope to have my large-item trailer finished in time to ship off his brother Kyle's 1992 Cannondale.

The Wino Wagon has yet to get the rails for carrying a bike box. It's still in the "development stage", at this point. I have an actual trailer on the way to carry groceries, so the carry-box on this one will probably go away, leaving this rigged up monstrosity for carrying larger packages likes bikes and lumber.

Anyway, it's ugly and somewhat embarrassing, but I hope it helps cut down on the necessity to drive the Nissan.

If nothing else, I can lash all of my worldly belongings on it when I become one of those crusty old guys that rides his bike around shouting obscenities to the wind and drinking fortified wine. Watch for me on a skid-row near you...



At 6:01 PM , Blogger katina said...

Oh man, I can see it're going to retire and then you're going to travel around the US on your bike with all that you own being towed behind you. And then you'll eventually end up on our doorstep...wait, actually, that'd be fun.


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