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Monday, May 14, 2007

Dodging About a Million Bullets

The little white dots in the picture are hailstones, illuminated by the flash, falling onto my front yard. The water in the street is about 6 or 8 inches deep, and running like a river.

Thankfully, I had been home for a couple of hours before this storm got here. I rode home under partly cloudy skies, with a gentle breezy tailwind and temps in the mid-seventies.

Well, I can only hope that it stops raining before 6:00, tomorrow morning, when I leave for work.


At 11:54 AM , Blogger katina said...

yeah, I heard there were 2 people that drowned. which is sucky. AND like 4" of hail somewhere or other.

At 1:01 PM , Blogger Jon said...

Yeah, over an inch of rain in an hour's time, a toddler in a steoller swept away in a flash flood and a teenager drowned in the Highline Canal, avout 2 miles from my house. Bad day.

At 1:02 PM , Blogger Jon said...

And...bad proofreading skills on my part.


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