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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Saddle On The 650b Fixed Mountain Bike

I didn't have a saddle for the Schwinn, when I built it, and ended up putting an imitation leather seat on it, just to be able to ride it. I had planned to put the Frankensaddle on it, but I decided to go ahead and put a Taiwanese Brooks Flyer copy on it, instead, since I found a seller who had them priced right on eBay.

The saddle is similar to the brown one on the orange Bridgestone, but more closely resembles the Brooks B-17 in shape and size, rather than the Swift.

It is branded as a "Gyes", and it appears to be from the same factory that produces the Cardiff, Origin8 and VeloOrange saddles. I have had good luck with the saddles from Taiwan, so far, and I trust that I will with this one, as well.

I got it all set up and took a trip up the block and back to make sure that the height was close to right. It seems fine, so I think that I will call the bike complete, as of now.

Until I change something else on it, anyway...



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