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Sunday, May 19, 2013

It's Raining Bridgestones

I got a call from Mark, again, today. He had found a lugged Bridgestone mountain bike for a reasonable price, and he wanted to know if I wanted it. Of course, I did.

So, he brought the bike over, and I paid him back for it. Then, we found out that the seat post was stuck in the frame, and we worked on getting it out, for a bit. I finally just left it sitting with some Liquid Wrench soaking in. An hour later, I managed to get it put.

 The bike is  (as near as I can tell) a 1989 MB-3. It has Shimano Deore components, a lugged frame and, unfortunately, a unicrown fork. I will probably just leave the stock fork on this bike, though. I am thinking that I might just refurbish this bike and keep it as my vintage mtb. If I do that, I will sell my Nishiki Ariel, with the elevated chain stays. I don't really have the space, or the money, to collect a bunch of vintage mountain bikes, even though I would like to.

The MB-3 is the same size frame as the orange MB-1 650b conversion. I am contemplating building the bike up in a similar manner, with mustache bars, but keep the 26 inch wheels and running some nice, fat mountain bike tires. I just think it might be cool to have a brace of Bridgestones.



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