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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Life On (and Off of) Two Wheels

I have not been blogging, too much, lately (obviously), and I haven't been riding a whole lot, either. In fact, I have had to turn down two different invitations to go on a ride, within the last week and a half, because I am so busy with Skull Full of Blues.

Steve and I have put a lot of time and effort into getting ready for the gig we had at 3Kings, last Saturday and, by extension, to get into the studio and record the CD.  I had hoped to ship the CD, this month, and that was the target date I put on the Kickstarter project. But, it took longer to find a drummer than I anticipated.  Plus, we really want to do the best job possible. So we decided to put the recording back, a bit, rather than rush through it.

Today, I did actually get on a bike.  I rode the Funk Ti bike down to Kaladi Brothers, for coffee, this morning.  Later, I took the Mukluk to the grocery store and got some fruits, vegetables and other staples.  Then, I actually worked on a couple of bike projects, this afternoon.

Everyone at the coffee shop commented on my clothing ("Are you on your way to church?"). In fact, I was just dressed comfortably for the cool morning temps, without resorting to lycra, or some other "bicycle" clothing. There is a reason that you see all of the tweed and whatnot in old photos of cyclists, especially in the first 30 years, or so, of the 20th Century.

Back then, even in the U.S., most people rode bikes for transportation.  They weren't training for a race, and they didn't need or want to be dressed like a racer when they arrived at their destination. Neither was I, this morning. I rode at  really relaxed pace, and still got to the coffee shop much faster than I would have if I had walked.

And, walking is the transportation mode that you should use as a yardstick when cycling for transportation. You will always be faster than a pedestrian, and that should be the goal. In my opinion, anyway...

I'm going to try to ride the bike to work, all this week.  My Achilles Tendon is still bothering me, occasionally, and that keeps me from riding as much as I'd like.  I think I may just have to suck it up and put up with the pain, in order to avoid being an ex-cyclist.

In the meantime, I am shopping for a studio, and trying to set up some more shows for Skull Full of Blues.  Follow the band on Facebook, if you are interested. There are a few more videos up, there, for those of you who would like to check out the sound.



At 6:38 AM , Blogger Pondero said...

Thanks for the update, and best wishes for the studio session.

Oh yeah, great vest!


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