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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Big and Studly

A while back, I read a post on Rantwick's blog about studding one's own tires.  I followed the link to GripStuds, and ordered up a bag of studs and an installation tool.  The studs came in the mail, three days after I ordered them, and I promptly put them on the kitchen counter and forgot about them.

Tonight, it is raining in Denver, and the temperature is falling.  The forecast calls for 1 to 4 inches of accumulation, by morning.  Suddenly, the studs were back on my mind.

I brought the Mukluk in the house, and read the instructions for installation of the studs.  Then, of course, I decided to do it differently.  The instructions call for using a power drill to install the studs, but the knobs on the Origin8 Devist8r tires are a bit small.  I was concerned about drilling the studs all the way through the tires, so I chucked the installation tool into one end of a 4-way screwdriver, in place of the driver bit.  Then, I promptly drilled a stud all the way through the tire and put a nice hole in my $20.00 Surly tube.


I was a bit more careful, from then on.

I don't have any idea if the studs will stay in the tires, due to the smallish knobs that they are drilled into.  At about a buck piece, I hope so.

I will keep you informed.



At 10:06 PM , Blogger RANTWICK said...

Nice! I can see how those smallish knobs could present a bit of a problem when trying to stud that thing.

Still, looks so good.


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