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Sunday, June 17, 2012

I'm Back

It's been a while (2 weeks, tomorrow) since I posted here, or read any blogs. I took a bit of a web vacation while getting ready for, and then enjoying, a week-long visit from my sister, brother-in-law and two nephews.

 The weekend before the family arrived, I put down some flagstone in the Shade Cave.  Randy had this stone between the sidewalk and the street, but decided that he would rather have a planter bed.  So, he passed the stone along to me, and I put it to use. It's nice to have a solid surface under the swing.  Unfortunately, two of my four Tiki torches have already fallen and shattered on the rock!

While the fam were here, we rode the Cog Railway up Pikes Peak, went out to Fruita for a couple of days, and did a bit hanging out in the lawn chairs.  My television was off for 7 days, and I only checked my email because it comes through on the iPhone.

It was kinda nice having a light connection to the web, for a while.

Kyle and I did a little mountain biking at the Kokopelli Trailhead Loops (Loma Exit), while we were on the Western Slope.  Kyle was on my old KHS Team Softtail...

 ...and I rode the Mukluk.  The big tires were awesome on the sandy sections, and they weren't nearly as noticeable on the climbs as I had feared.  Granted, we didn't do epic mileage, but I still think that the Mukluk is a viable all-year-round mountain bike...particularly in the sand washes!

Kyle hit the ejector-seat button in the middle of this rocky section and banged up his knee, a bit. But, the damage wasn't too bad.


 Tonight I will play at the Kaos Pizza open mic. Tomorrow, I go back to work.  From what I hear, I am in for a busy week, or two, of playing catch-up.  That's the price you pay, I suppose.

EDIT:  Sometime while I was gone, the Page View count went over 100,000!  Thanks for reading.



At 7:29 AM , Blogger Wilson said...

I wonder if because its summer that the BLOGosphere is slowing down a bit! I know I have been.
In any case, sure glad you're back. Congrats on achieving the "hit"mark.


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