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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Soul's Tess

Yesterday was the so-called "longest day of the year".  That always amuses me, as I am pretty sure it was 24 hours long, just like every other day.  But, the great part was that the sun was above the horizon for the longest period of the year!

The Summer Solstice is a funny thing, for me.  I love the long day, but I hate the fact that, now, the days will begin to "get shorter".  That's okay, though.  I'll enjoy the long days of Summer while I can.  I can really understand why the solstices were big events on the Pagan calender.

Last night, I was feeling restless.  I had one of those evenings when I couldn't sit and relax, but I really didn't feel like doing anything constructive, either.  At about 8:00, I decided I would put the motorcycle in the shop building, and start getting things ready for Bike To Work Day.

Here in Colorado, we ignore National Bicycle Month, and National Bike To Work Day, because we have too much of a chance for snow and rain in the month of May.  So, we bump everything back until June.  And, today was BTWD, for us.

Anyway, I went outside, and noticed it was still light out.  That's when I remembered it was the solstice.  I went back inside, put the dogs out, and got my jacket and helmet.  Then, I did something that I haven't done in quite a while:  I went for an aimless, no destination, motorbike ride.

 I puttered around for about 45 minutes, just turning when I felt like hitting another street, and heading to nowhere in particular.  I ended up riding past Cherry Creek Mall, down Speer (the creek was over its banks and covered the bike path), down Broadway back to Evans and to the gas station at the edge of my neighborhood.

I filled up, and checked my mileage on the Scrambler (52 mpg, this tank), then rode home and put the bike up.  By then, it was finally dark, and I got down to business packing the panniers and making lunch for today.  I can only imagine how restless I would be up above the Arctic Circle, where the sun never set, yesterday.  I'm sure I'd be one of those guys who stays awake until they go psycho, or just pass out from exhaustion.



At 6:39 PM , Blogger Steve A said...

Golly - I look at the solstice the same way. The start of daily less light and way to early to think about skiing.


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