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Friday, May 20, 2011

I Don't Really Have a Use For This

...but, I picked it up, anyway.

 It belonged to a gal I know, down at the coffee shop.  Her son rode it, when he was in college, but doesn't want it, now.  She needed to get rid of it (needed some cash), and really didn't want to try to sell it on Craigslist.  So, I offered her what I thought it would be worth to me, and brought it home.

Unfortunately, it is a 60 cm frame, about a size or a size and a half too big for me.  I can ride it, and I'm sure Grant Petersen, at Rivendell Bicycle Works, would approve.  But it just seems big to me.

Unfortunately, the original flat-crown fork has been replaced.  At least the replacement is a high-quality fork.  I find it amusing that the sticker specifies "Front Fork", just in case you aren't sure what to use the piece for.

The same goes for the crank.  This is a Specialties TA half-step-plus-a-granny touring crank.  It's probably worth as much as what I paid for the bike.  I may pull it off, reinstall a Sugino (which the bike came with) and sell this crank.

The wheels are 8-speed Shimano 105 hubs laced to Mavic Open 30 rims.  The shifters are SunTour Bar-Cons, which control Suntour XC derailleurs.  Other than the Bar-Cons, I think all of those parts were "upgrades", back in the day.

It's a cool bike, just a bit big.



At 6:19 AM , Blogger Big Oak said...


I'd be interested in buying this bike, as-is. I sent you an email. Thanks for posting a photo of the bike, I think it's really cool.



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